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Clear Aligners Direct To You - No hassles, just a great smile!

Consumer Alert from the AAO

Questions to Consider When Researching Direct-To-Consumer Orthodontic Companies (like SmileDirectClub, Candid Co., Smilelove, SnapCorrect, Orthly, Etc.)

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Save over 52% on Clear Braces with Virtually Straight (VS) by Wise Orthodontics!

A great smile is directly within reach.  Now, more affordable and convenient than ever before.  VS Clear Aligners fit your lifestyle by offering invisible aligners custom made to your smile.  Each aligner gently moves your teeth to their desired position.  No braces.  No messy impressions.

With competitors that offer direct mail-order and do-it-yourself aligners, you’ll have to struggle at home with a gooey messy impression that is challenging to get right.  With uncompromising accuracy and comfort, the VS system utilizes the most advanced, all digital process called an intraoral scan.  NOT an impression, the scan takes millions of images of your teeth then arranges them in 3D.  It’s almost as simple as brushing your teeth!   Quality results start with a quality scan.  With VS Clear Aligners, we focus on your comfort.  And because of the all digital process, the convenience of updating your smile is as simple as can be.

One of our smile concierges will arrange a time and place for your scan, then we’ll get to work on making your aligners.

With prices as low as $890, we can make you smile with the affordability, too.

How It Works?

Step 1

Contact us and schedule your digital scan!

Step 2

Receive your VS Clear aligners. Follow the simple instructions.

Step 3

After a few weeks or months (depending on the complexity of your situation) - You’re done!!

VS is the clear winner when compared to other do-it-yourself or at-home aligner kits:

Get Started Today!  Tell us about your smile and how you would like to see it improved. You can also attach an optional video.

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